Engine Decarbonizer

Engine Decarbonizer

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  Effectively cleans engine parts without dismantling: valves, combustion chambers, EGR valve, turbo, catalyst and diesel particulate filter.

   Restores optimal engine operation.

   Quickly and completely cleans the injection pump and injectors.

   Significantly reduces gas emissions and fuel consumption.

   Facilitates the passage to the technical control.

   Effective from 50 km traveled.

  Compatible with all injection systems and all pollution control systems.

   Very economical.

   Product with money-back guarantee.


   Recommended before technical inspection, every 20,000 to 30,000 km.

•   Wear protective goggles and gloves when handling the product.

•   Shake the product well before using it.

   Pour the product directly into the tank and fill it with fuel.

•   One liter of engine decarbonizer can be used for 40 to 70 liters of fuel.