Head Gasket Repair

Head Gasket Repair

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   Super fast solution for damaged head gaskets and leaks in the cooling system!

Save thousands of dollars on replacement costs. Our product has a 100% success rate, that's why we back every sale with a money-back guarantee.

Seals any leaks in the engine cooling system and ensures that your radiator and all related connections are leak free.

Pour the liquid into the radiator when topping up the coolant.

No Leaky is recommended for the following situations:

  • Damaged or defective head gasket
  • Leaky radiator
  • Cracked engine block
  • Damaged cylinder liner
  • No Leaky solves your problems without having expensive repairs to your vehicles engine from damaged head gaskets, coolant high pressure, cracked engine block, oil in the coolant, etc.

No Leaky is compatible with all types of vehicle engines, including cars, trucks, vans, pickups, motorcycles, quads, tractors and boats.

Quantity required for your vehicle

Engine size Quantity

Up to 1.9 liters

1 bottle
Between 2 and 2.9 liters

2 bottles

Between 3 and 3.9 liters

3 bottles

Greater than 4 liters

4 bottles 


  • The engine should be switched off and the product used only on a cold engine.
  • Locate the coolant filler cap on your radiator (refer to the vehicle's owners manual if necessary)
  • Open the filler cap and add the No Leaky solution to the coolant.
  • You can also pour NoLeaky directly into the coolant expansion/over flow tank.
  • Replace the filler cap and start the engine and allow it warm up thoroughly for about 30 minutes, then switch it off and let it cool completely.
  • Once the engine has cooled, top up the coolant.
  • You can now use your vehicle.