Diesel Particulate Filter and Turbocharger Cleaner

Diesel Particulate Filter and Turbocharger Cleaner

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  Cleans without the need to dismantle the PDF and the Turbocharger.

   Reduces fouling of the EGR valve and the catalytic converter.

   Guarantees the longevity of PDFs and turbochargers.

   Effectively removes harmful particles.

   Reduces polluting emissions and fuel consumption.

   Avoid loss of power and replacement of parts.

   Can be used to both cure and prevent issues with DPFs and turbochargers.

   Money-back guarantee.


•   Make sure the fuel tank is almost empty.

•   Pour the cleaner into the fuel tank.

•   Add 5 ½ gallons (25 liters) of fuel. 

•   Drive for 20 minutes at a constant speed between 2,500 and 3,000 rpm.

•   Then drive as normal in one or more trips until the next fill up.

•   Refuel normally.

•   The DPF and Turbo Cleaner is used as a fix, as soon as the “anti pollution system” fault appears, every 3,000 miles(5000 km) if you drive mostly in town, every 6,200 miles (10,000 km) if you drive mostly on the highways.

•   It can also be used in a preventative way, every 9,300 miles (15,000 km).