EGR Valve Cleaner

EGR Valve Cleaner

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   Prevents and eliminates deposits on your EGR valve without dismantleing.

   Significantly reduces your vehicle's gas emissions.

   Effectively restores airflow to the combustion chamber.

   Allows complete combustion of air/fuel mixture.

   Avoids excessive consumption of fuel and the replacement of the EGR valve.

   Compatible with turbochargers and catalytic converters.

   Money-back guarantee.


•   Ensure that the fuel level in your tank is at least half full.

•   Open your vehicle's fuel tank. Pour the entire contents of the bottle directly into the fuel tank.

•   After adding the product, drive your vehicle normally for at least 30 minutes.

•   Use your vehicle until the tank is almost empty before refueling again. This allows the product to work effectively throughout the fuel cycle.