Superethanol Treatment (E85)

Superethanol Treatment (E85)

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   Compatible with all engines running on E85 superethanol (originally equipped or with an approved conversion box).

  Maintains and protects the engine continuously. 

  Provides excellent protection to the fuel system. 

   Protects and maintains the engine oil film.

   Prevents water accumulation in the tank.

   Facilitates cold starts and promotes combustion and ignition.

   To be used each time you fill up. 


   Wear protective goggles and gloves when handling the product.

   Measure the amount of product you want to use: 10 ml of treatment for 10 liters of fuel.

   Pour the product directly into the tank when filling up.

   Drive normally until you run out of fuel, in one or more trips.

   Repeat the operation each time you fill up.

   You can also use NoLeaky injector cleaner to prevent clogging and for optimal results.