Leak Sealer

Leak Sealer

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   Locates and seals all leaks.

   The only non-toxic and non-irritant leak sealer.

   Our product is 99.9% successful.

   Money Back Guarantee.

   Easy to apply.

   Circulates in system flow, will not cause blockages within the system.

   Compatible with other NoLeaky® products.

   Readily dispersible.

   Suitable for all metals including aluminium, steel, copper...

   This product seals leaks or weeping joints on all types of indirect central heating systems.

Quantity for your heating system

Radiator panels Quantity
Up to 10 radiator panels
1 liter
Between 10 and 20 radiator panels
2 liters
Between 20 and 30 radiator panels
3 liters
Greater than 30 radiator panels
4 liters