5-in-1 Engine Cleaner

5-in-1 Engine Cleaner

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   Universal degreaser for gas or diesel engines.

  The best cleaning additive that works effectively on each engine component. 

  Cleans the Turbocharger, the EGR valve, the particle filter, the exhaust, catalytic converter and the injection system.

   Reduces polluting emissions and lowers fuel consumption.

  Helps to avoid loss of power and replacement parts. 

   Money-back guarantee.


•   Make sure you are low on fuel before using this product.

•   Pour the cleaner into the fuel tank.

•   Add 5 ½ gallons (25 liters) of fuel.

•   Drive for 20 minutes at 2,500 to 3,000 rpm.

•   Then drive as normal (1 or more trips) until you are low on fuel again.

•   Refuel normally.