5-in-1 Engine Cleaner

5-in-1 Engine Cleaner

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   Universal degreaser for diesel and petrol engines.

  The best cleaning additive that acts effectively on each engine component. 

  Cleans the turbo, the EGR valve, the particle filter, the exhaust, the catalytic converter and the entire injection system without dismantling.

  Restores injector flow, cleans and protects the injection system. 

   Reduces polluting emissions and fuel consumption.

  Avoid loss of power and replacement of parts. 

   Product with money-back guarantee.


•   Make sure the reserve light is on before using the product.

•   Pour the cleaner into the tank.

•   Add 25 liters of fuel.

•   Drive for 20 minutes at a constant speed between 2,500 and 3,000 revolutions per minute.

•   Then drive as usual until you run out of fuel, in one or more trips.

•   Refuel normally.