Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush

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   Liquid solution for completely cleaning your radiator system.

   Eliminates all impurities from your radiator and cooling system (oil, rust, scale, deposits, organic matter and oxidised products).

   Improve heat exchange.

   Corrosion protection.

   Reduce operating temperatures by up to 60°F.

   Does not contain acid, which might be dangerous for the user or the cooling system.

   Compatible with all types of cooling fluid. 

Quantity for your vehicle 

A bottle of 115 ml can treat cooling circuits of up to 12 liters.

Instructions for use

  • Add the product to the cooling system via the expansion tank or directly into your vehicle’s radiator.
  • For best performance, first replace the coolant with water and add the NoLeaky® radiator cleaner.
  • Allow the engine to run at low revs for about ten minutes.
  • Stop the engine and let it cool completely, open the drainage plug and empty the system.
  • With the drainage plug still open, rinse thoroughly with water until clean, close the system and refill with coolant.
  • If your vehicle has a head gasket problem, you can now add the NoLeaky® head gasket repair product.