Engine Oil Leak Stopper

Engine Oil Leak Stopper

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   Universal Leak Stopper for petrol and diesel engines.

   Permanently Stops leaks.

   Effectively Acts on all types of engine leaks.

   Product guaranteed satisfaction or money back.

   Safe for your engine.

   Does not clog the oil filter.

   Very economical: allows sealing 30 leaks with one bottle.

User Protocol:

•   Clean the leak area: Make sure the area around the leak is clean and free from any oil or dirt. This will help the product adhere properly to the surface.

•   Apply the product: Use a brush to carefully apply the product to the leak area. Make sure to cover the area evenly.

•   Heat the engine: Start the engine and let it run for 30 minutes. The engine heat will harden the product and seal the leak.

•   Check the repair: After letting the engine run, turn it off and check the repair. Make sure the product has completely hardened and there are no more leaks.