Engine Oil Leak Stopper

Engine Oil Leak Stopper

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   Universal leak stopper for gas or diesel engines.

   Stops and reliably prevents oil leaks and drips.

   Effective on all internal and external seals.

   Increases joint volume by up to 70%.

   Restores the original properties of O-rings and sealing rings.

   Reduces camshaft and rocker arm noise.

   Allows fast detection of the actual area that is leaking.

   Will not not clog the oil filter.

   A very cost effective solution to oil leak issues.

   Money-back gurantee.


•   Drain your engine oil and change the oil filter.

•   Replace the oil drain plug and add new oil to engine (refer to owners manual for correct oil type and amount to add).

•   Add Engine Oil Stop Leak, 10 ounces will treat up to 5 quarts of oil (300ml treats 6 liters)